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Someone's made a fantastic Lego model inspired by Singularity Sky...

Singularity Sky

More info here.

Hope someone brings this to Charlie's attention!


Aug. 21st, 2005 10:09 pm
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I've been reading Accelerando, by Charles Stross, and it's brilliant. However, he's stolen several of my ideas. Admittedly, they were ones I hadn't written yet, but that doesn't make the theft any less painful, does it?

I've said this a few times - hats off to Charlie for giving the book away as a free eBook. And equal praise to his publisher for having the vision to let him do it. He reckons that most people won't want to go through the pain of reading on a small screen. I have bought the book, but I've mostly been reading it on my Psion because the hardback is rather heavy to carry to the train. One of the things I really like about eBooks is that you can load up a few, and you don't have to worry when you're getting close to the end of one and carry a second book just in case.

My own writing efforts hit a bit of an impass, but I've gone through another restructuring, and I'm happier with the shorter, snappier chapters with less viewpoint changes. Now I need to get my writing rate up a bit, pump some volume out, and stop agonising over every word. Yes I do.

That and keeping myself from writing in the present tense and sounding like Stross.

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