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My flight home was late because of a lack of air traffic controllers. Apparently they've been refusing to work overtime in protest of a recruitment ban that meant no new controlers have been hired for years, causing delays like this. It meant I just missed the 11.20 bus home, and now have to wait for the 00.20. It's almost worth it, though, because at least we were spared that stupid trumpet fanfare Ryanair play whenever a plane arrives on time.
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The 8:32 Drogheda-Pearse was a supposed to be 6 car set. There was announcement after we were sitting on it for ten minutes, but the volume was too low to make out. There was a second announcement telling every to disembark to the (invisible) train on platform 2. I asked the driver what the problem was and he said brakes. Apparently there's no spare in Drogheda, so we told a train would arrive from Dublin at 8.55. Then, everyone got back on the original train, apparently responding to some hidden cue, and there was an announcement apologising for the late running. The engine then revved for a few minutes. Another announcement then told us the train is now out of service, and another train would be arriving on platform 2. According to the timetable, there should be a train from Dublin at 9.05, though it's supposed to go on to Dundalk. At 9.10 a train saying Dundalk on the front a pulled in to the service depot. A few minutes later it reversed out, and finally made it's way on to the platform. It finally departed at 9.18, but is only a four cars long, so it's likely to get very packed, especially since it will also be picking up everyone who's early for the 9.30 service. It's also occurred to me that we left about 2 minutes before a non-stop Enterprise normally passes through, so we'll be holding that up too.

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