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The Irish communications minister is going to introduce rules requiring housebuilders to fit new houses with wiring for high-speed internet access, including fibre-optic.

If only this had been done ten years ago, before the peak of the house building boom we've just come down from. We'd now have over half a million houses wired for fibre, and we'd be in a position to be one of the best connected countries in the world.

I know it's easy to say this after the event, but I've been arguing this since 1996 when I bought my first apartment. Other countries have been getting ready for this for far longer.

We've only managed to crawl out of the dark ages, and while this move is welcome, it's really bolting the door after the horse has sent an email saying it's moved to Holland because they've decent broadband there.
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I get my broadband over the airwaves via a little box on my roof. When it's working it's great, but it seems to have a tendancy to mysteriously stop, which is not fun at all. On Saturday it seemed to be slow all day, and on Sunday it wasn't working at all. This morning I put in a support call, then found out from [livejournal.com profile] madangie that it was working again. I meant to call to tell them, but the repair guy arrived before I got around to it. Apparently I was on an older system (I wasn't talking to the guy, but he wrote down the technical details, so I'll have a look later), which may be the reason it wasn't working as well as it should.

Hopefully things will work as they should from now on, but they shouldn't wait until people are having problems to tell them they need to be transferred to a new system, and they should have some level of customer service on Sundays, since a lot of their customers would be home users.

When my current service runs out (I paid for a year, but then they lowered their prices, so I'll get a few extra months), I'll be seriously thinking of switching, probably to DSL, as most people seem to have less trouble with that.

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