Mar. 31st, 2014

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This post is just a friendly reminder to all my friends who have an interest in Worldcons and the Hugo Awards. If you were a member (full or supporting) of either last Worldcons (San Antonio) or the this year's Worldcon in London, or the following on in Spokane, you are entitled to nominate in the Hugo awards. I expect that a lot more of our friends are going than usual, since it's on our relative door-step, and some may not be familiar with Hugo Nominations.

If this doesn't apply to you, please ignore this post.

I've a number of friends who are very active in fandom, and deserve some recognition for their efforts. They deserve recognition in a great many areas, but probably the greatest awards we have as fans are the Hugo awards.

First of all, my good friends, James Bacon and Chris Garcia are both forces of nature in the world of science fiction fandon, and are active in an insane amount of fanish things, and they are two of the most prolific fan writers I know, having contributed to many fanzines in addition to producing their own two, Journey Planet and Drink Tank.

Here are some excellent examples:

Journey Planet Issue 15: The Write Stuff co-edited by Lynda E. Rucker

Journey Planet Issue 16: The Philip K. Dick issue with Pete Young

Journey Planet Issue 17: The Art issue, with Colin Harris

Journey Planet Issue 18: The Social Media issue with Helen Montgomery

Drink Tank - The twin peaks issue

Please have a read and tell me you aren't impressed. If you like them, please nominate James and Chris in the Best Fan Writer category, and nominate Journey Planet and Drink Tank in the Fanzine category the Hugo awards.

Claire Brailey and Mark Plummer also do a fantastic amount of work in fandom, and they produce their Fanzine, Banana Wings. Unfortunately this is a paper only publication, so I can't link to their work, but if you know them or have read anything they've done, they are also deserving of recognition. If you were a member of last year's Worldcon, you may still have some samples from the Hugo package. If you have space on your nomination form, please consider including Banana Wings in the Fanzine category, and Mark and Claire in the Fan Writer category. They deserve it.

Heather Urbanski is a writer and contributor, and has written a book about new versions of old science fiction shows, called The Science Fiction Reboot. She's also eligible in the "Best Related Work" category. You can read a sample for free on Amazon, which might be enough to decide if she deserves nomination:

My good friend Pete Reid is one of the most amazing Lego builders I know, and his book, Lego Space: Building the Future contains some amazing photographs and a great story, as well as instructions for building some of the models, which I designed (what a shame I didn't insist on having my name on the cover). It's bit subjective which category it belongs in, but I've nominated in the Best Related Work and the Best Graphic Story to be safe. Again, you can read a sample on Amazon:

I would encourage my friends to nominate in the Hugo Awards. If you're a member of any of the participating conventions, you should have received an email with your voting PIN. More details can be found at:

Regardless of whether you nominate any of the above, please don't forget to get your nominations in as the closing date is on Monday 31 March 2014 (for those west of London, don't wait till the last minute or you'll get caught out by the time difference)!

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