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I'm juggling between dealing with issues in getting one system through pre-production testing (it's going live next Thursday, but we have it set up exactly as it will be to prove that it will work as it's supposed). I'm also dealing with support issues from the system test phase of a later phase of the same project. I'm also dealing with support questions for a couple of projects which are in production that the front-line-support people don't know how to answer.

It all seems to involve a lot of things to remember all at once. And unlike normal programming, a lot of time-critical things like calling a certain person and getting them to do a certain thing at a certain time.

Better get on with it.
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I emailed our tech support to find out the address of a network share I need to map. Just got a reply back, "If you just reboot your machine now you will get those drive mappings that you were looking for." They use a system called ScriptLogic to make the settings on our PCs the way they want them when we log in.

Rebooting my machine means shutting down my email, browser, text editor, unix windows, call logging system, two database management tools, three software development tools, and a word processor with the spec I'm working from. Then the PC has to copy my profile over our slow network. After the reboot, I have to log on, wait for the profile to copy and reopen all of the applications and try to remember where I was before the whole pointless process started. I've already done this once today, and I'm not doing it again before quitting time.

Of course it probably wouldn't take much longer than writing this entry...
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...that whenever I get into a meeting at work I immediately want to fall asleep?

This isn't helped by the fact that, of the four people in the room, two are managers, so nodding off wouldn't be a good thing.

It's particularly bad when they start discussing financial details that are way over my head. I know where the fields come from in our database, and in most cases how they got there, but I'm at a loss as to what they actually mean.

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