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Unless you're ignoring all IT related news (very wise) you'll have heard Google's announcement of their new Chrome OS (I'd post a link, but you might as well just Google for it). Initially aimed at Netbooks, Google hope to later take a slice of the Desktop OS pie later.

So what's in it for Google? After all they're not charging for Chrome OS (or for that matter, Chrome Browser)? Sure, they get money when we look at websites that almost certainly contain Google ads, but they get that anyway when we use a different OS and browser (except for those of us who have installed ad-blocking software).

However, when we look at the web through Google's browser and/or OS, we can potentially be giving Google so much more information about our browsing and general computing activities, and that information becomes incredibly powerful when it comes to delivering us tailored advertising. I'm sure Google won't collect or use that kind of information without asking our permission (with their famous "Please read this, it's not the usual yada-yada"), but I'm sure they'll be working on ever more ingenius carrots to tempt us to give them our consent. There are some wonderful things coming out of Google labs, so perhaps the juciest will be reserved for those complient users who tick the yes box (hmmm, perhaps our government could learn a thing or to about holding referenda from them).

If it takes off, is there a danger that we'll just replace Microsoft dominance with Google dominance?

But that's probably just me being paranoid. I'm actually looking forward to trying it out. It's Linux based, which is surely good. I expect Google will start giving higher priority to getting out Linux versions of it's applications for a start.

The future is good. The future is Chrome. The only price is your soul.
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THe desktop hasn't changed very much since the 1980s. Sure there have been a few new widgets and "productivity aids", but if a user of an early version of MacOS or Windows was transported twenty years into the future, I think the response to the latest developments would be "Is that all you've done?"

That could be about to change with some of the new ideas that may be coming our way. There's an interesting collection of video demos that show some pretty funky ideas.

Posted mainly so I don't lose them, but well worth a browse.

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