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For anyone in London, especially west London, I have a few hours to pass in Heathrow next Saturday, the 21st. Unfortunately it's not really long enough to go far, so Liam (@lproven) suggested a drink within the airport, and Weatherspoons in Terminal 4 is to be recommended. I shall aim to be there about 5:30pm on Saturday, so I hope you'll come and join me.

Please comment if you think you might make it.

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Jack and I will be in LegoLand Windsor for the Brickish Association Christmas party on Saturday. on Sunday we'll be in London, and we're thinking of going to the Natural History Museum. Anyone want to join us there?
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I would like to propose an evening of Culture, Literature and History - with a Doctor Who connection. On Thursday 26th July in the Globe Theatre, London, Shakespeare's Love's Labour's Lost will be playing. This is, of course, the play the Doctor and Martha went to see when they took their trip back in time. Now, we could go as gentry, and pay for expensive seats. But wouldn't it be more fun to go as peasants and stand in the pit - which has the added advantage of only costing a fiver.

I'd love to get a big group going. Or even a small group.

Edit: Took out something that got copied by mistake... Please post here if you're interested!

Details here:


And schedule here:


Shame they're not doing the sequel the next day...
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I am in London for a short weekend break.

Tomorrow I'm going to the Brickish Christmas Party, where I will spend some time with other Lego geeks. This takes place in LegoLand in Windsor. Although the theme park will be closed, we'll have exclusive access to the Lego shops there, and one or two special offers. It should also be a good chance to meet up some other like minded people. I'm quite looking forward to it. It should be fun, though I will have to resist the temptation to come home with huge amounts of Lego!

I'm not sure about Sunday yet. Anyone want to meet up for a drink somewhere in the London area?

Life has been a bit complicated of late, and I haven't posted very much. This is partly because I'm not comfortable talking about everything that's been going on in a big anonymous forum like LiveJournal. The problem then is that when I meet up with people in person, it gets hard to remember who knows what.

Hopefully I'll get to post a few updates over the next week or two.

The short version is that I've taking a long hard look at my life over the last few months, and at the end of it I'm pretty excited about the future.

Hope to meet up with some of you guys soon!


Jul. 7th, 2005 10:33 am
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Hope all my London friends are alright.

The city must look an awful lot like a Dr Who episode right now.

Al Quada or Daleks, who can tell?

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