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Originally published at James's GUFF Trip. Please leave any comments there.

I want to send back lots of photos from my trip, and I'm hoping this smart phone will help. Today I discovered it has an extra camera facing towards me. How cool is that?

If the technology gods are being kind to me, there will be a photo of me attached to this post.

New toy

Dec. 21st, 2007 06:06 pm
lostcarpark: (Lego Spiderman)
My new camera arrived yesterday, the Olympus Mju 710, and it's lovely. Much slimmer than the old one, and lighter, with a huge screen. They've really come a long way since I got my now defunct Mju 300 about 4 years.

The battery was charging for most of the evening, so it was this morning before I got to take more than a couple of test shots.

The only thing I miss is a viewfinder, but I'll have to learn to live without that.

I'll try to post some photos on Flickr tonight.


Dec. 11th, 2007 07:18 pm
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Maybe it's just my friends list, but it seems like everyone is posting about their camera these days. So I thought I'd write about mine.

I've had an Olympus Mju 300 for about the last four years, and for the most part I've been very hapy with it. I've taken thousands of photographs, and got some very good results. But I guess it's been showing its age. I needed a new memory card, and the smallest I could get was 1GB, which it clearly found a bit daunting, as it would take about ten seconds to figure out what to do with it when I turned it on. It also has a door you slide open to turn it on, and that's been a little dodgy, but as long as you slid from the top it worked fine.

At least it worked fine until a week or so ago. Then it stopped. When I reset it by opening the battery compartment it makes an unpleasent mechanical noise, then it beeps angrily, then nada. So it's stuck with it's lens sticking out and won't do anything.

I thought about trying to get it repaired, but my experience of such things is that costs about €50 just to get it looked at, and extra once they figure out what parts are needed. I looked on eBay and a used Mju 300 went for about £25.

I decided to look at slightly newer models, and found Mju 700s going quite cheaply. After a couple of attempts I won one for about £80. This should mean that at least some of my accessories should be compatible (though sadly not batteries), most importantly my new 1GB memory card.

I would have liked a Canon Eos 400, but I can't really afford that right now. Even when I can, a compact camera is always useful to have as well.

So, anyone have any use for a slightly damaged Mju 300?

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