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The Irish communications minister is going to introduce rules requiring housebuilders to fit new houses with wiring for high-speed internet access, including fibre-optic.

If only this had been done ten years ago, before the peak of the house building boom we've just come down from. We'd now have over half a million houses wired for fibre, and we'd be in a position to be one of the best connected countries in the world.

I know it's easy to say this after the event, but I've been arguing this since 1996 when I bought my first apartment. Other countries have been getting ready for this for far longer.

We've only managed to crawl out of the dark ages, and while this move is welcome, it's really bolting the door after the horse has sent an email saying it's moved to Holland because they've decent broadband there.
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Wireless broadband seemed like a good idea, especially considering it included a free VOIP phone line, which could allow us to get rid of our land line, saving €24 for line rental.

And for the first month or so it was very good, although there were occasional outages that made us hesitate about cancelling our phone line.

But since the new year it's been a bit rubbish. We've had several periods lasting from hours to days with no signal, and when we have had signal, it's tended to drop at random moments. The last few days, it hasn't managed to stay connected for more than a few minutes at a time.

So today the broadband guy came out to check it. He changed the modem box and checked the alignment of the aerial on our roof, and after a bit of headscratching, he determined that we were no longer able to get a strong enough signal for the service to work for us. It looks like some new building works might be directly between us and the hospital, where their antennae is located, blocking the signal.

So I guess it's back to DSL, which means a few days of dial-up while we wait to be connected.

Oh well.

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