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I really meant to do this months ago, but got distracted.

Thanks to the miracle of the Internet the video of the full Hugo ceremony is just a click away.

In case it should cease to be available in the future, I though it would be a good idea to transcribe what I said when presenting the best fanzine award.

"I think one of the traditions which is unique to science fiction fandom is fanzines. I know there are fanzines in other fields, bit I think our ones are quite different and unique to us. I think it's something that has really defined us over the years. I think it's got easier with technology, but our standards have got higher. We enjoy each other's fanzines from other parts of the world, so for me it's a great honour to be presenting this year's best fanzine award. The nominees are..."

The rest behind the cut... )
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I'm working to put together the next couple of issues of my fanzine, Brick Fix. Issue 3 should be ready quite soon - possibly early July, but I still have a few gaps to fill, so if you can get something to me by next weekend, it will be received enthuastically. Issue 4 will be to bring to the Worldcon in Australia and will be printed in mid August. I'm hoping you'll contribute to either or both.

The overall theme is still Lego and Science fiction, and anything that loosly connects with either or both is very welcome. I do also have specific subthemes for these issues, so I'd be especially interested in pieces that link into those.

Issue 3 will have a bit of a trains theme. So I'd be really interested in pieces about Lego trains or science fictional trains.

The theme of issue 4 is a bit harder to sum up in one sentence. Over the past few decades technology changes have made it easy to build and maintain relationships over longer distances to the point where I know people on the other side of the world better than I do my next door neighbour. Both sci-fi and Lego communities have embraced these technologies and rely on them heavily - in fact Lego fandon among adults almost wouldn't exist without the internet. So I'm interested in your thoughts on how this affects us as a species, whether these developments are a good thing, and how we'd cope if we lost them.

I'd also like to do a bit of a Doctor Who feature in issue 4.

Please leave a comment or email me if you'd like to contribute to either.


Mar. 24th, 2010 06:26 pm
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Issue. 2 on my fanzine, "BrickFix" is almost finished, and hopefully it's a big improvement on issue 1. I'm hoping to give paper versions to lots of you over the next two weekends. If you don't expect to see me, there'll be a downloadable version, or let me know and I'll post one to you.

Thanks to everyone who's contributed. Just waiting on the cover, which should be coming in around 10:30 tonight.

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